Heal Thyself Massage

alchemy through bodywork

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Modalities I currently specialize in:

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY (CST) works directly with the central nervous system (CNS) by manually manipulating the fascial layers (meninges) surrounding the brain and spinal column using bones in the cranium, face, and sacrum as levers. These meninges are filled with cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) that bathe and feed the CNS. CST effects all systems of the body, as the CNS runs them all. This technique is especially indicated for issues related to stress and trauma. There is an element to this therapy that is hard to put into words, but I often describe this aspect as "my electric body communicating with your electric body."

DEEP TISSUE is a general term that covers techniques from basic massage with deeper pressure to literally working the deeper tissues of the body (organs, joints, tendons, muscles found deep in the body, etc). Sometimes it is necessary to address these more out of the way places to bring the body into balance or work deeply into a muscle belly to arrest the pain/spasm/pain cycle.

MYOFASCIAL work refers to manipulation of fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds all muscle tissue from cell level, to groups of cells, to the actual muscles, to muscle groups. Even the muscles groups are connected by fascia, creating what are sometimes call "fascial trains" that run throughout the body. In essence, all fascia is connected. If it becomes twisted (this "twist" can be caused by a trauma or inflammation) the whole of the tissue will be pulled, creating imbalance in the body. Myofascial techniques are implemented by moving the body in ways that "unwind" the fascia or by using hand warmth, pressure, and tension to "melt" the fascia so it may move back into its original, balanced state. It is theorized that fascia is where memory is stored in the body, making this modality ideal for chronic pain and trauma.